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Why Nattydogs?

Nattydogs is rooted in the foundation of love and passion in dogs. It is a long lasting investment that provides an avenue for lasting relationship with our customers. It is the epicenter of ripples of dog’s related portfolios which provides a wider range of choices of dog products. We are active members of East Africa kennel Club EAKC the only recognized club in Eastern Africa and the oldest in Africa which one can make a reference. Our dogs are careful selected from the world champion lines and intelligently bred to uphold the genetics. We have assortment of dog breeds, large, small, companion dogs and tough service dogs. All our puppies graduates special training courses which make them easy to adjust in new homes. Ours clients remains in records to benefits from day to day updates and developments not only about dogs and Nattydogs but the dog world at large. By buying our dogs or products creates a lasting relationship. We take responsibility to ensure dogs from us live happily the rest of their life in their new homes. To defeat our client desires is what we strive for day and night.

Dog expedition

Dog expediting is a memorable adventure one can enjoy while in Moshi. Have you ever think of this? We have scores of visit packages designed to create lasting memories for you and your family when you visit us. In recent past there is a growing interest of parents bringing their kids during holidays of which many have appreciated our works largely. You can take photos with some of our unique dogs, learn about dogs, take a walk or a drive out with some dogs, clean and care dogs or even get involved in dogs thrill training programs. Not always but when we have a group of visitors at a same times we do dog shows to display what dogs are capable of.

Dogs Training

We do have top trainers at the facility, the graduates of most commended colleges in Africa, with a long time experience in US based camps in the horn of Africa. Dog training is an exacting activity which involves a lot of passion and consistence. This is the very reason why we do not do a lot of trainings outside Nattydogs gardens. We have scores of education/training programs designed for dog owners and transforming dogs. We change people’s perception about dogs and address behavior problems facing dogs, helping the owners the better ways to live with their dogs. Our advanced training programs are special for specific purposes. We have being doing advance training for special missions.

Dogs Boarding

At Nattydogs Park we provide temporary boarding for dogs belong to travelling owners and those which for a reason or the other owners wish to stay away from them for a short term.

Pet foods and Accessories

Natty planet is an extension of Nattydogs dealing with dog feeds and accessories. It does offer the top quality products tested and used on our own dogs. We make the difference by sharing our secrets behind perfection. We make it easy for others from the challenges we know and went through over years. We deliver our products everywhere at lowest possible transport cost. At any Natty planet store which are scattered in the country, you will be provided with free assistance's on how to care your dogs.



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