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Natty puppies

Our puppies are always outstanding, not in any form can be equated to most of those one can find downstream. There is so much to talk about Nattydogs puppies but the story becomes short by knowing the quality of our breeding heads. Our breeding dogs are carefully selected from world championships giving us an opportunity to forward generations of quality dogs. Nattydogs breeding program is a sensitive matrix. We first simulate the outcome of the combination and establish why a certain male is more appropriate to a certain bitch to give out the best puppy litters that pass on the best attributes of the breed. We work tireless not just to maintain the genesis of our quality but improve it. Every puppy born at the Nattydogs is held as it arrives in this world and before it leaves our facility. We go to great lengths and expense to protect and provide for the health of both the mom and her puppies during their days with us. Every puppy is carefully monitored and we do the best to know how one contrasts the other not just by the body outlook but the behavior side of it. All our puppies graduates a special program before leave the facility which is intended to imprint acceptable behaviors, uphold the genesis of the family, and more important is to prepare them for the new life. We believe not every puppy can fit every home. We study our puppies same as we do to clients to make sure there is perfect fit between them. We believe that preparing our pups is as important as breeding quality puppies.

It is our policy that No puppy leaves the facility before the reach of twelve weeks. At this age all vital shoots are done.
We don’t just let a puppy go, we are connected with all dogs from Nattydogs. Always pleased to hear from you about your dog from Nattydogs.

Having a dog is a lifelong journey. As dogs breeding goes so vigorous always remember finding a puppy should not be a one day task. Your desperation can lead you to a lifelong disappointment. Taking a new member home always require careful selection.

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