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Natty Dogs Park and Facility!

Nattydogs Park is a well-structured facility designed for lifelong dog affairs. The compound is composed of spectacular accommodation unit for staff and guest, office building, kitchen block, sixteen dogs apartments with conventionally designed maternity rooms, puppies incubating rooms, and indoor training corridor. On the outside is open and fenced garden sheltered with canes and traditional shed trees with a swimming pool plunged at the midst. The doorway to the Park is the reflection of our commitment and passion on what we do. Six to ten staff members are always available at the park. Our staffs are well trained and motivated. With due respect visiting the park requires prior arrangement. One must carefully observe the instructions from the hosts regardless of your background with dogs.

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``A dog is the only creature that loves you more than it loves it's self ``

Head Trainer & Founder Dismas

A Word FromNatty Founder

I grew up animals passionate, owned my first dog in 1990 along with other few animals and birds, my room was always a little zoo. Living with dogs all these years I realized it’s only a dog which loves his owner more than he loves himself. Notwithstanding, they are not human to pretend, they will love you more than you do, and reject you more than you can when need to, they will not talk about you behind you, neither will they misjudge you. They see unseen and read unwritten, they know you not by what is seen but the unseen part of you. In my loneliness, in depression, joy and sorrow was my dog the first to feel it, supporting and comfort me through. I learned with a dog I was always secured, comforted and composed. Growing to be professional accountant and management specialist has never taken away my passion to be animals’ behaviorist. Dogs become my best friend replacing most of school meets as times became so rough to keep up with all my childhood friends.
Some says a dog is a true friend, I don’t know about that, all I know a dog is me in singular and plural. Show me a friend who is ready to die for you and I will show you a dog ready to date your fiancée.

Welcome to my world of dogs

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